About Us

GHAPP ia a native app, your sight and sound, invest and business hub mobile app, designed to give you an outlook of THE NATION GHANA. Ghana our Mother Land has a dynamic presence, home of many cultures and home to many Nations. GHAPP is designed to communicate Nations Vision, cultures, Government, lifestyle and institutions to the world, by so doing we have designed 3 business modules called E-Business, E-Government, E-Culture.

With these 3 modules, Ghapp will create Her awareness among Her communities, business network, build tribes (Social Life), and increase turnover for the NATION GHANA, these will help the NATION to engage, inform & Build better data.


1. Increase National Brand Awareness {INBA}.

2. Increase sales.

3. Improve the Nations Technology Reputation {INTR}.

Ghana Business Networks

Ghana Business Network Is socioeconomic business hub by which business people and entrepreneurs meet to form business relationships and to recognize, create, network together.

Ghana Agric Networks

Act as aggregators for input buying and output sales, as well as providing agricultural know-how and machinery. The Hubs serve 500-1000 farmers each, linking them to 10-20 buyers.


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Ghapp functionality


GHAPP was designed to gives you functionality like analytics, databases, messaging and is built on Google infrastructure and scales automatically.


GHAPP mprove your rankings, drive traffic, and increase awareness in search engines. Unlock the full marketing potential of your PRODUCT online!


With GHAPP you can sell anything and your money is sent to your bank account in less than 48hours . Our Team Of Experts Will Help You Transform Your Business Online, We Can Increase Sales . Our Ads and SEO Services Guarantees Desired Results For your Businesses.


Mobile apps are a major channel for security threats, especially when they are connected to business brands. These are often targeted by criminal elements seeking to profit from companies and employees who use mobile devices but do not engage in proper mobile app security processes, with GHAPP your business is protected, we have the best software to keep your data safe 24/7.

Content Creation

Did you ever wonder how you can stay up to date with current content marketing trends? If yes, then Ghapp is the perfect platform for you. Gathering content marketers and creators from all over the Africa, the tool allows you to filter and receive news, tips, guides and inspiration from your one-stop-hub. Ghapp content creation page will only send you what you specifically tell it to.

GHAPP Events

GHAPP has an event planners page created for you. Our event page is without complicated coding. These page allow the creation of any kind of events with your mobile app with the information attendees need, such as schedules, maps, attendee information, exhibitor information, speaker bios, and more. Attendees can then download your events {PDF} on their mobile devices to access important event-related information.

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